Best Scenic Roads in Washington

Scenic drive overlooking Lake Waramaug @_sasquatch_

The best way to admire Washington’s natural surroundings and historical districts is by cruising down one of the town’s scenic roads. No matter what route you choose, you will be met with picturesque views of Washington’s wooded hillsides, rocky-high tops, majestic farmland, and beautiful meadows. The fall and the early spring are perfect times to go exploring Washington’s scenic roads as the changing colors of the flora mix with clear blue skies to create some breathtaking scenes. Summer is delightful as well for an unforgettable Connecticut day trip or weekend. Jump in the car or grab a bike and head out on the open road to enjoy Washington’s beauty.



  • Turner Road
  • Buffum Road
  • Shinar Mountain Road
  • Walker Brook Road
  • Sunny Ridge Road
  • West Morris Road
  • Senff Road
  • Hinkle Road


Washington Green

  • Nettleton Hollow Road
  • Route 199
  • Route 47


New Preston

  • New Preston Hill Road
  • Gunn Hill Road
  • Rabbit Hill Road
  • Couch Road
  • East Shore Drive (along Lake Waramaug)



  • Whittlesey Road
  • Route 202



  • Route 202