Kristina Kossi’s “Finding Figures” Exhibit

january, 2022

janalldayKristina Kossi's "Finding Figures" ExhibitByrde + the bMonth Long Event (january) Byrde and the b, 10 Titus Road, Washington Depot CT 06794

Event Details

Byrde the b is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent figurative sculptures by Kristina Kossi opening Saturday, December 4 from 5:00-7:00pm and running through February 26, 2022.

Kossi states “Interpreting the form as a figurative sculptor and showing how grace, form and linear perspective complement each other is what I strive to portray in my work. Working in clay gives me a tactile sense that is very fulfilling and I love the ability to change directions at any given point. When I have an idea in mind, I will start with the armature and add clay but somewhere along the way I let the sculpture lead the way and tell me where it wants to go when I am working solely from imagination. It is a lesson in getting out of my comfort zone, letting go of control which is something that does not come easily to me. It really is a voyage that leads to some very interesting ideas. Each sculpture has to have a flow based on classical sources and observation. I am manifesting the female or male nude with strong character whilst giving them a sense of timelessness. I am always looking for the essence and source of the energy and the power and juxtaposing softness versus tenseness”.

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Month Long Event (january)


Byrde and the b

10 Titus Road, Washington Depot CT 06794


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