WAA Scuplture Walk 2018

WAA Sculpture Walk Washington CT

WAA SCULPTURE WALK 2018 is a Public Art Exhibition, featuring over 40 internationally recognized artists, emergent sculptors, as well as participating local talents. The Walking Tour opens to the general public on July 1 st and remains on view until November 1, 2018. Curated by WAA Trustees Mark Mennin and Barbara Talbot, the exhibition is organized by the Washington Art Association & Gallery in collaboration with community partners and the Town of Washington.

WAA Sculpture Walk 2018 is an exhibition with no obvious narrative except for the town itself, the hills around it, and the river that runs through it. Washington Depot, named long before our capital, is a focal point in the larger community of Litchfield County, that has a huge tradition of artists, writers, architects, dancers, and musicians both internationally known and self-exiled.

“The landscape is what gives the pieces in this exhibition a narrative commonality. This would include both the creative protagonists that live in Litchfield County, as well as the geography that beckoned them to settle here. This is an exhibition that is as eclectic – full of variety of material, image, and idiom – as its landscape. It demonstrates the different properties of traditional media with works in steel, stone, wood, as well as plastics and earth materials. These are conceptual and site specific installations and kinetic pieces; there are fully rendered figurative works and large gestural works in both temporary and permanent materials. The bond of the background is what holds these placements together.

Painters Hugh O’Donnell, Caio Fonseca, and Julian Schnabel have been chosen for their three-dimensional accomplishments. Michael Steiner, Fitzhugh Karol, and Tom Doyle weigh in with large constructions; Wendell Castle and Ned Smyth contributed fully rendered figurative pieces from different methods; while Tim Prentice and Momix Dance Theater bring kinetics to the landscape.

The Washington Art Association co-curators and trustees Barbara Talbot and Mark Mennin are healthy counterpoints with a thorough knowledge of the land, people, and the world of sculpture. The Washington Art Association & Gallery (WAA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching our community through education, exhibitions and special events.”

Media contact : For more information, please contact Katharine Manning | [email protected]

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Participating artists:

Mary Adams, Lauren Booth, Joy Brown, Arthur Carter, Wendell Castle, Ralph Derby, Tom Doyle, Miles Driscoll, Caio Fonseca, Sam Funk, Joe Gitterman, Sam Doyle, Harry Gordon, Philip Grausman, Timothy Hochstetter, Fitzhugh Karol, Cornelia Kubler Kavanagh, Peter Kirkiles, Elizabeth MacDonald, Ann Mallory, Mark Mennin, Momix Dance Theater, Peter Muhlhausser, Daniel Murray, Hugh O’Donnell, John O’Reilly, Jake Paron, Michael Patterson, Marsha Pels, Jon Piasecki,  Don Porcaro, Tim Prentice, Julian Schnabel, Steve Shaheen, Ned Smyth, Michael Steiner, Augusta Talbot and Eli Noyes, William Hyde Talbot, William (Bill) Talbot, and Robert Taplin

The opening reception for the Sculpture Walk will be on Saturday, July 14th from 4 to 6 pm. The exhibit will be open daily from 9 am to dusk.

For more information, please visit WAA’s website.

Washington Art Association
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