Washington Blog

Susan Lerner

Meet Susan Lerner, a New York City artist who enjoys spending as much time as possible with her family at their Washington home.

Adam Woodruff

Meet Adam Woodruff, a Washingtonian and dedicated Chief of the town’s Ambulance Association.

Caring For Our Washington Community

Washington is home to several great nonprofit organizations that are doing amazing work for the community. Find out how you can help!

Best Scenic Roads in Washington

The best way to admire Washington’s natural surroundings and historical districts is by cruising down one of the town’s scenic roads.

Welcome from our First Selectman

We are very excited to launch the new “Explore Washington CT” website, the official online resource for living in and visiting our wonderful town.

Darlene Kascak

Meet Darlene, American Indian Educator, teaching a new generation about Native American life.

Eliot Johnson

Meet Eliot Johnson, local farmer, builder, and environmentalist.

Vincent Giarrano

Meet Vincent Giarrano, prominent fine artist and get his take on life in Washington.