Washington Green Historic District



The Washington Green Historic District encompasses the village’s green as well as much of the surrounding village center. Originally established in the 18th century, this district documents the development of a small colonial settlement into a modern community that is dominated by summer homes and a prestigious preparatory school. Its architecture displays the town’s gradual transformation as numerous styles, such as Colonial, Federal, and Gothic Revival can be seen among its structures.


  • The architect Ehrick Rossiter designed several buildings within the Washington Green Historic District including his personal residence. His buildings along with those from past centuries are well-preserved and offer a view into the history of a quintessential American town.
  • The district is also home to the Gunn Memorial Library and Museum as well as The Frederick Gunn School.
  • The district is a U.S. Historic District and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1995.
  • The dominant building on green is 1801 First Congregational Church Meetinghouse which was built in the Federal style.