Connecticut Theatre Exchange



Connecticut Theatre Exchange (CTX) exists to bring together theatre artists from various backgrounds and identities to support their process of developing new projects and new skills in a nurturing environment that is both accessible and affordable. We do this by:

  • Offering residencies for playwrights and screenwriters and their teams in various forms of development
  • Providing low-cost residencies to existing ensembles to experience an uninterrupted and deeper developmental rehearsal process
  • Giving space and time for professional artists to study new skills and new ideas, contributing to their artistic process
  • Garnering resources for historically under-represented or under-supported populations and actively identifying ways to remove barriers to the CTX experience
  • Welcoming the public to free showings of new work and inviting curated feedback
  • Programming a variety of free or low-cost workshops of exploration of the artistic process
  • Developing partnerships with organizations that promote equitable development of creative work

CTX is in residence for two weeks every year in June on the campus of The Frederick Gunn School for an intensive exchange of new work, new skills, and an intentional community consisting of locally-based artists, artists in retreat for multiple days, and the community at large. The program includes multi-day intensives, single day workshops, readings and performances of new works, and curated feedback and conversation around the creative offerings. Shorter, hyper-focused projects happen throughout the year and are curated with furthering the mission and work in mind.