The Institute for American Indian Studies



The Institute for American Indian Studies (IAIS) is a museum and research center that is dedicated to preserving the history and traditions of the Native American Peoples. The museum’s mission is to educate its visitors on the Native American Culture through unique, informative, and engaging experiences. With thousands of artifacts and cultural items, their exhibits feature over 12,000 years of human history as well as represent indigenous communities throughout the Western Hemisphere.


  • The museum’s research center houses some 6,000 ethnographic items and over 300,000 archaeological artifacts. These cultural remains represent hundreds of Native American societies throughout the Western Hemisphere.
  • The Adelphena Logan Education Room, which is an indoor re-creation of an Algonkian Sachem’s or Chief’s house, allows visitors to travel back in time and experience first-hand daily life of the Native Americans.
  • The Children’s Discovery Room is an interactive space that provides kids with a stimulating learning experience and an insight into the lives of the Native American Peoples that inhabited the Woodlands 600 years ago.
  • The museum’s programming includes annual festivals, various workshops, children programs, and academic lectures.
  • Visitors can explore the 15.5 acres of the museum’s natural surroundings which contain several hiking trails, a medicinal garden, and a replicated 16th-century Algonkian village.