Macricostas Preserve



Purchased in 2000 from Constantine Macricostas, the Macricostas Preserve is a 238-acre parcel of unspoiled natural beauty that sits just north of Route 202. It consists of not only prime farmland, but also a mix of wetlands, meadows, woodlands, and rocky ridges. The Preserve’s unusual geology represents the eastern limit of carbonate (marble) bedrock in this region of CT and is where three bedrock units come together.


  • The Preserve contains one of the Town’s largest fresh water supplies within both bedrock and stratified drift aquifers.
  • The Preserve’s Waramaug’s Rock is a forest ridge that sits at an elevation of 1250 feet and provides visitors with picturesque views of Lake Waramaug.
  • In 2006 the Washington Garden Club completed an interpretive trail along a portion of the Preserve’s Yellow Blazed Trail and now several numbered signposts mark unique ecosystems along this interpretive trail, each of which is described in a printed trail guide.
  • The Meeker Swamp is 98 acres of beautiful swamp land and meadows that are located in the center of the Preserve and splits the remainder of the Macricostas into two halves: the rocky ridge and woodlands in the north and the meadows in the south.
  • StoryWalk at Macricostas mixes story time with nature exploration to make a fun and interactive learning experience for children of all ages.