The Stone Church and Meetinghouse



Atop New Preston Hill Road, the Stone Church & Meetinghouse sits on a historic Green triangle, New Preston’s center in the mid-1700s. During the Revolutionary War period, the Green also served as a drilling ground for the local militia. Directly across the street from the church front is a stone house, now privately owned but in colonial days known as Newton’s Tavern. At the back of the church, on Gunn Hill Road, is a small stone house, also privately owned, but once the local one-room schoolhouse. Next to the former schoolhouse is a home that was once the parsonage. Walking down Gunn Hill, in the field off to the right, you’ll usually see a small mixed herd of auburn and black-and-white cows.

The Stone Church and Meetinghouse is not just a beautiful, remarkable building. It also represents a community of people who seek to preserve it as a historic site and as a place where people can gather to enjoy readings, services, performances, and other events.



  • The Stone Church in its current form dates back to 1824.
  • The church’s earlier 1753 incarnation was a log cabin and then as a frame building.
  • The church has recently been restored and is now available as a wedding venue.