St. John’s Church



Founded in 1794, St. John’s Church was originally built in Davies Hollow by the families of the newly created town of Washington, CT. It was moved to its current location on Green Hill  Road in 1917 as the congregation was growing and it needed a larger space to hold services as well as community activities. Ehrick Rossiter was asked to be the architect and he designed the new church in an English medieval style.


  • The interior of the Church was designed by Rossiter’s friends Harry Siddons Mowbray and Herbert Faulkner.
  • Harry Siddons Mowbray, a renowned Orientalist painter, created nine paintings, especially for the Church. Seven of the paintings adorn the sides of the Church and depict moments in the life of Christ while the other two are larger pictures that hang in the west end of the Church.
  • A famous wood craver and artist, Herbert Faulkner’s wood cravings can be seen throughout the Church and are all made from chestnut wood. His simple, yet elegant Reredos on the altar display his great talent and craftsmanship.